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ProBiotica High Potency 50B 30C

ProBiotica High Potency 50 Billion

From $26.09
This broad spectrum probiotic offers support for digestive and immune health. Formulated to contain 50 billion bacteria from 5 researched...
Probiotica Daily Health 30C
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Probiotica Daily Health

From $15.59
This one-a-day, vegan friendly probiotic formula contains two researched strains of friendly bacteria which supports general health and wellbeing ....

ProBiotica Extra Care

ProBiotica Extra Care contains 75 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) from 6 researched strains, including the scientifically researched HOWARU® strain,...
Probiotica Kids Daily 30T

Probiotica Kids Daily

From $15.59
Support healthy gut microflora and a strong immune system in children. This formula contains a proprietary blend of scientifically researched...