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Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Turmeric Soup by Jessica Cox Nutrition

Nutra-Life Nutrition Team
Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Turmeric Soup by Jessica Cox Nutrition
This tasty soup by Jessica Cox is the perfect soul & gut soothing recipe to try this winter weekend.

Prep Time:

30 mins

Cooking Time:

70-80 mins

Serving Size:

4 serves


  • 600 grams sweet potato, skin on
  • 600 grams butternut pumpkin, skin on
  • 20 grams turmeric root (or 1 tablespoon ground turmeric)
  • 115 grams celery (2 stems)
  • 900 mls quality bone broth or stock
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper


  1. Pre heat your oven to 200c, fan-forced.
  2. Cut sweet potato and pumpkin into roasting pieces approximately the same size.
  3. Place on a baking tray with the whole turmeric root and celery stems. (If using turmeric powder you can add this later instead).
  4. Season vegetables and then drizzle the vegetables with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil to coat them liberally. Toss till well covered and then place the baking tray in the oven to roast for 60 – 70 minutes until cooked through and golden.
  5. Once the vegetables are roasted, scrape them into a large saucepan with all the juices off the pan. Add the bone broth or stock to the saucepan with the vegetables and bring to a low simmer with the lid on. Let the soup contents simmer away for 10 minutes ensuring it does not boil over.
  6. Turn the heat off and let the soup cool a little before adding to an upright blender. You could also use a stick blender directly into the saucepan if you like. (If using an upright blender please be careful with the hot soup as it can build pressure and blow the lid off!)
  7. Blend soup till well combined and creamy. To serve, ladle into serving bowls and top with your favourite fresh herbs and protein toppings (see blog post for suggestions). Here I have used pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, fresh dill, chicory, dock and dandelion greens from the garden.
Recipe & Photo by Jessica Cox - Original recipe can be found here