Nutra-Life Triple Strength Omega 3 - The OceanClean™ difference

Nutra-Life Nutrition Team
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Nutra-Life’s high quality, ocean derived concentrated Omega-3s are sustainably harvested from the Eastern Atlantic and Eastern Pacific oceans during the months of May and November each year. Our oil is sourced from mackerel, sardines and anchovies, the latter of which are two of the smallest and cleanest Omega 3 rich fish species. These fish are sustainably harvested to IFFO FA programme standards, which allows for the responsible supply of fish meal and fish oil from the ocean straight to extractors and manufacturers. By choosing only small, targeted species such as anchovies and sardines, suitability is assured as the small oily fish have little or no demand for human consumption, are fast growing, and experience short reproductive cycles.


Extracted at GC Rieber’s state-of-the-art refining facility in Kristiansund, Norway. GC Rieber Oils are ISO 9001-certified and HACP method certified, undertake stringent internal controls with a primary focus on safety and quality. Norway has one of the strictest fishery guidelines in the world and also complies with the EU hygiene regulation (EC 852/2004) that was introduced in May 2009. The hygiene regulation EC 852/2004 states that:
  1. All fishing vessels and processing plants must be approved and registered under the new hygiene regulations and all Omega-3 crude oil must be purchased from EU approved sources.
  2. Fish caught must be fit for human consumption and be processed within 24 hours; product must also be kept chilled.
  3. All fishing regions must be closely monitored by the government with full traceability.
The oil refining process aims to remove undesirable components such as water, proteins, pigments, free fatty acids (FFA), lipid oxidation products and other contaminants from the oil. The process is performed in such a way that the fish oil components themselves are not damaged during the process.


One, easy-to-take OceanClean™ Triple Strength Omega 3 capsules contains 3 times the active components found in a standard fish oil capsule. Molecularly distilled for quality and purity, our fish oil is naturally lemon flavoured and encapsulated in a natural orange flavoured capsule to reduce fishy odours.