5 Ways to Boost your Immune System

Nutra-Life Nutrition Team
5 ways to boost your immune system
Today, the concept of boosting immunity is becoming a topic of discussion in online forums, school debates and social gatherings, with many people showing concern on how to improve their health and well-being. The immune system is the determinant of our overall health and fitness. This means that we are less likely to become sick when our disease fighting component is in a tip-top condition. So it is upon ourselves to adopt a healthy lifestyle; eating the right food, getting enough sleep, doing moderate exercises, de-stressing and so on. This is the path to our body's vigorous defence against diseases. Although steps to boost the immune system may vary from one individual to another, here are the five primary ways to keep your immunity in the sweet spot:

1. Eat the right food

While different cultures have different diets, choosing food with the proper nutrients is the first step in building a reliable mechanism to fight off disease-causing micro-organisms. Choose a variety of vegetables and seasonal fruits such as kale, garlic, broccoli, berries, oranges, apples, mushrooms, beans, and legumes. These foods naturally contain antioxidants, an essential immunity booster.

2. Minimise stress

The stress you put yourself through on a daily basis has a negative impact on your health. The pressure to provide for your family, to pay your bills, to achieve your annual resolutions and to reach your business targets can take a toll on your overall immune system. As a result of stress, the body releases a stress hormone (cortisol) which suppresses your immunity. However, by finding the right ways (such as meditation, yoga, and massage) to manage your stress as it occurs can protect your body from the risk of chronic diseases.

3. Consider probiotics

Whether in their natural form (such as yogurt) or as a tablet, getting probiotics in your system will lower the chances of certain infections. Making sure that the healthy microbes that live in your gastrointestinal tract stay alive will boost your immune system. They help with digestion, metabolism and weight control.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise has plenty of benefits: it helps to shed your body weight, improves heart health, lowers blood pressure and augments your body's ability to fight diseases. The simple workouts you do such as gardening, hiking, cycling, or jogging enhances circulation, which allows free movement of cells and substances of the immune system all over the body. Thus, the body becomes active and healthy.

5. Nourish your body with NUTRALIFE

NUTRALIFE has good news for a better way to boost your immunity. And it's just a simple process of little and manageable changes. Step one is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated all day long. Step two is to add an opportune supplement like Ester-C to your routine. The good news is, these products are packed with antioxidants and other compounds that support healthy immune response. Also, the supplements are GMO-free, dairy-free and do not contain any forms of artificial sweeteners and flavours.

What's the way forward?

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